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Your clarification makes the situation more confusing. I could see why
incumbent Sergeants would take a new exam for Sergeant, as part of a
concurrent study or pilot. But why would they study for one? What motivation
could there be for current, experienced Sergeants to study for a test for a
job they already have? Are you paying them to take the exam?

Sticking with your original question, in that situation, you would say 100%
should pass the exam. As long as they are all competent and the criterion
for passing is minimal competence to be a sergeant, which might be a big
assumption. That is probably somewhat unrealistic, so you might adjust that
downward to 80-90% passing.

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Let me clarify the question.

It asks about a situation in which current, experienced, incumbent
Sergeants study for and take a new exam for Sergeant.



Joel Wiesen wrote:

> What percent of experienced, incumbent municipal Police Sergeants would

> you expect to pass a typical, reasonable promotional written test for

> Sergeant (i.e., a test based on knowledges and abilities related to

> important/frequent tasks)?


> And what is the reasoning behind your estimate?


> Thx.


> Joel



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