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RPClare at aol.com RPClare at aol.com
Tue Apr 7 11:31:09 EDT 2009

If we don't "test" and depend on a trial period, we need to decide who we
try in the temporary position...which is a test. We speak of these issues as if
all managers know how to evaluate employees. Many times, they really rate
employees based on how they are personably pleased by the employee and it is
only loosely tied to the job. I have worked for Governors who wanted non-lawyers
appointed to Chief Legal Counsel positions because the pay was right and
they were good electoral fund raisers. I have also experienced high level
managers who wanted to hire/promote folks who did not meet classification minimum
requirement that they helped developed. One of the great Public sector
challenges is that not everyone works toward the "best interests of the
They are folks (including myself of course) who I would trust in evaluating
new employees as the only selection criteria. Public sector Performance
evaluations are often a wasted exercise because "no one" ever fails them (and
there's nothing positive connected to them). Politics, both big "P" and small
"p", interfere with the process. The "testing" process often restricts the
degree of impact non-work related factors influence such decisions. Top people are
often replaced in HR when elected officials change so the new administration
can trust the system to work in a manner that benefits them.
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