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keith.poole at phoenix.gov keith.poole at phoenix.gov
Tue Apr 7 16:40:10 EDT 2009

I've seen the Schmidt and Hunter validity of selection measures study
referenced a lot, and have found it useful. I remember when I first saw
the table of coefficients, comparing the different selection methods, that
it was odd that job tryout (6-8 months on the job) wasn't closer to the
top of the list (work sample was higher, for example). The study
referenced several things to consider before using this, like:
- expensive to implement
- minimal screening before the tryout can lead to economic losses
- supervisors are reluctant to terminate marginal performers

I'd guess it's easier to stay objective if you just not select someone you
don't really know, versus telling someone you've worked with for months
that they aren't working out. Having said that, I know many managers like
to see how part-time staff do on the job before hiring them as regular and
swear by the practice.

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