[IPAC-List] Rehiring Retired Personnel

RPClare at aol.com RPClare at aol.com
Wed Apr 29 15:01:24 EDT 2009

Two of my favorite people...
Contracts usually spell out promotions within the bargaining unit. If this
is the contract that encompasses Lt, and Cpt,, they would not be able to
hire from outside the bargaining unit (which retirees are) without Union
approval. They normally won't give approval because such a move denies internal
promotion of active members. Florida law permits such rehiring with
specific but easily met conditions, so that aspect is not a problem. Your labor
relations folks need to meet with the union and explore conditions under
which they may give approval. If there are members who are in the process of
gaining eligibility (certifications or years of service) there may need to
be a promotion "guarantee" as they meet the requirements.

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