[IPAC-List] What does time in job get you?

RPClare at aol.com RPClare at aol.com
Thu May 7 14:21:10 EDT 2009

I have never liked the time-in-grade concept although it, like so many
other rules, is designed to reduce "political" impact on the workplace. I have
seen jurisdictions create unreasonably low paying positions to keep unions
and the press from being concerned about appointments. The new employee
would the remarkably be move to higher level positions without the necessary
skill set to perform properly. I would rather see hierarchies created with
specific criteria to be met to be considered for promotion. As I once heard,
"some people have 5 years experience and others have one year experience 5
times". In today's environment, there are directors and assistant/deputy
directors who may consider lower level positions but are fully prepared to
assume the highest role in the career ladder.
Clearly, when the time requirements are set, there are notions (usually
unclearly formed) as to what the person is expected to gain in that time
period. That is when folks like us should be brought in to "drill down" to
determine, clarify and enunciate the true requirements.
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