[IPAC-List] What does time in job get you?

keith.poole at phoenix.gov keith.poole at phoenix.gov
Thu May 7 17:08:09 EDT 2009

For us, you can apply for promotions starting day one on the job, but you
cannot apply for a transfer to another dept in the same job class until
you've passed the 12 month probation period. The idea is we want to
minimize situations where employees split their probationary period in
their job class between two depts or supervisors. If an employee
promotes, the full 12 month probation starts all over again in that new
classification (yes, there have been some employees who promote quickly
and never pass probation in any class for 2-3 years at a stretch). We
aren't as concerned with promotions as we are with someone who just keeps
moving around from dept to dept in the same class and eventually passes
probation "by default". We do allow some exceptions for transfers, such
as RIFs.

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