[IPAC-List] Does time to staff REALLY matter, and if so, when?]

Winfred Arthur, Jr. w-arthur at neo.tamu.edu
Wed May 20 11:24:53 EDT 2009

well Dennis, in academia don't you think the academic calendar has a lot
to do with it -- at least in terms of faculty hires (which i assume is
what you are referring to)? i mean our year starts in the fall and that
is when we expect new folks to come on board. of course, i also know of
several instances where folks have been hired and their start dates for
as long a year -- in one instance almost 2 years so they could sell
their house!! of course, it is also my observation that these
accommodations seem to be more common for "big name" folks. ah well,
that is academia for you :)

- winfred

Dr. Dennis Doverspike wrote:

> Thanks Bryan & Mark


> Some very interesting thoughts and arguments.


> When I start thinking about this issue, I start to contrast two very

> different approaches. The two approaches are the 1) corporate - we need

> someone yesterday approach and the 2) academic - it takes us a year to fill

> a position approach.


> So, I thought I would reflect on the academic approach. The very people who

> do writing and research on hr - somehow we now take more than a year to hire

> someone and bring them into the organization. And sometimes even longer than

> a year. Now I realize, that is partially because the offer and acceptance is

> sometimes made 6 - 9 months ahead of time, but it sill often takes us a long

> time between posting and offer. Why? I have no idea, which is why I guess I

> am ruminating on this particular issue. Why does it take academics so long

> to recruit and select faculty? Any ideas? Should it take so long?


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