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Jason -

My preferred vendor is Previsor (www.previsor.com). They are both a developer and an administrator. PreVisor offers a broad range of online assessment solutions, including off-the-shelf and tailored products. They have a long and solid history in the industry (Qwiz, ePredix, and Brainbench combined to form PreVisor) and some of the best validation data around. PreVisor is also fully scalable offering different levels of test administration, support, and consultation based on client needs.

Pan Assessments (www.panpowered.com) is another good company with a solid reputation in the online assessment space. Pan is mostly a reseller and administrator - they do not do much development. Like PreVisor, Pan offers scalable client solutions/services based on needs.

Censeo (www.censeocorp.com) is an online assessment vendor that I do not know much about, but they offer some good content and guides on their website, including a guide on how to select an online assessment provider (http://www.censeocorp.com/downloads/pdfs/whitepaper-vendor.pdf).

Another good resource is Charles Handler of Rocket-Hire (www.rocket-hire.com). He offers evaluations of numerous online assessment vendors and offers consulting services in finding, evaluating, and selecting a vendor. Charles also does custom assessment solution design, development, and validation.

Other options include PDI and DDI, both are large consulting firms that focus on talent management and offer online assessment solutions. DDI has a plethora of off-the-shelf tests. I'm not sure if PDI offers off-the-shelf content or only custom solutions. And of course, there a numerous small companies throughout the country offering online testing, as well as a other larger companies I have not mentioned.

If you want to talk in more detail about my experiences, what to look for, potential red flags, benefits of an assessment vendor versus a "total talent management" vendor, how to draft an RFP, etc., feel free to give me a call, email, or reach out via linkedIn.

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Hi all,

Can anyone recommend a few online test-hosting companies? Ideally, their site would provide, at minimum, statistical tools, secure test-taker logins, and branding capabilities.

Many thanks,

Jason Bowling, PHR

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