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Winfred Arthur, Jr. w-arthur at neo.tamu.edu
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relatedly, the Hausknecht et al. (2007, JAP, 92, 373-385, "Retesting in
selection: A meta-analysis of coaching and practice effects for test of
cognitive ability") meta-analysis might be equally informative. their
abstract reads as follows:

"Previous studies have indicated that as many as 25% to 50% of
applicants in organizational and educational settings are retested with
measures of cognitive ability. Researchers have shown that practice
effects are found across measurement occasions such that scores improve
when these applicants retest. In this study, the authors used
meta-analysis to summarize the results of 50 studies of practice effects
for tests of cognitive ability. Results from 107 samples and 134,436
participants revealed an adjusted overall effect size of .26. Moderator
analyses indicated that effects were larger when practice was
accompanied by test coaching and when identical forms were used.
Additional research is needed to understand the impact of retesting on
the validity inferences drawn from test scores."

- winfred

David Friedland wrote:

> Following up on the recent discussion about test coaching, the Wall Street

> Journal today published an article about coaching for the SAT and other such

> high stakes testing programs showing that the gains are modest and

> indicating that coaching company claims are overstated. This is not a

> surprise for most of us, but should be of interest to many parents that pay

> for their kids to take these courses.


> Use the following link into your browser to access the article


> http://online.wsj.com/article/SB124278685697537839.html


> David Friedland



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