[IPAC-List] Cert rule

Scherer, Cassandra CSCHER at milwaukee.gov
Fri Jul 24 16:38:20 EDT 2009

Fellow IPACers:

The City of Milwaukee is currently in the process of reviewing its
certification practices since it recently was given authority by the
State legislature to establish and implement its own certification
rules. Needless to say, we are delighted. However, there are so many
possibilities we could consider that we are uncertain what to do. From
eligible lists, we currently certify the top three scoring names for
non-management positions and the top five scoring names for management

We would appreciate any input you could provide on what the practices
are of your jurisdiction as to the number of people you certify for
vacancies. Also, we wonder if anyone knows of any surveys that have
been done on certification rules. We would also like to hear from you
as to the advantages or limitations that you have experienced through
your certification practices. Any additional information as to how
certification is affected by ties, union contracts, whether an exam is
promotional or original, would be valuable.

Thank you,

Cassandra Scherer

City of Milwaukee DER

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