[IPAC-List] Information request: Requesting Conviction Info on Applications

ROWLES Kate M Kate.M.ROWLES at ci.eugene.or.us
Fri Aug 14 11:57:38 EDT 2009

Hello all -
This is my first information request of our members list and I appreciate your assistance.
Background: I work for a mid-size, non-civil service municipal government in Oregon. On our job applications, we request applicants to indicate previous felony convictions and to provide general information re. the conviction. HR staff review apps for KSA's; supervisors review supplemental information of qualified applicants and determine candidates for interview, HR staff reviews candidate selection, and then HR staff follow up with the candidate indicating conviction, to gather additional information prior to invitation to interview. At pre-employment we gather what, when, where, outcome, etc; background checks for positions requiring more thorough review are conducted after interview and prior to employment. Possession of a criminal record does not automatically exclude employment however exceptions include positions with regulations for specific areas of employment such as police, fire, or municipal court.
Anyway - my question: Have any of you eliminated the request for conviction information on applications? At what point in the process is information gathered? What has been your experience related to application review and hiring?
Thanks in advance for sharing your experience, information, and possible web links.
You may apply directly to me if that is more appropriate use of the list.
Kate Rowles
Human Resource Analyst
City of Eugene OR
Kate.m.rowles at ci.eugene.or.us

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