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Howard Fortson Howard at cps.ca.gov
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Good afternoon all,

If I recall correctly there was a labor agreement regarding the type of testing to be used in there. Additionally, the RFP that was issued specified the testing process to be used. It seems like some systemic change at the City of New Haven level is necessary. First, educate the parties about selection options and get the union agreement revised, secondly, change the process to rely less if any on the written test format, lastly, make the selection process more transparent so the requirements are clear, the process is clear, and action is timely. None of this is easy, but just a thought.

Howard Fortson Ph.D.

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Paging Richard Arwood. Mr. Arwood to the information desk, please.

Richard, you know fire departments. What do you see as the smart choices and the stupid choices New Haven might make at this point?


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