[IPAC-List] Outsourcing recruiting/testing

keith.poole at phoenix.gov keith.poole at phoenix.gov
Wed Apr 7 12:58:36 EDT 2010

We have a citywide committee (Innovations and Efficiency Task Force) that
is looking at creative ways to minimize costs/enhance revenues. Many
departments must try and estimate what it would cost to outsource certain
services (leaving the "should we" analysis for a later phase). Has anyone
heard of a public sector / civil service agency that outsources part or
all of recruiting and testing functions? Any ideas where an agency could
obtain a real rough estimate? This is a very preliminary stage and
basically we just need to give a $ figure by the end of the week (i.e.,
not a very detailed analysis, more like "a minimum of $___ per hire and
we've seen it go up to $____ depending on the particulars" kind of
ballpark). In a normal hiring year we fill about 3,000 vacancies, equally
split between internal promotions and external hires. We mostly do
minimum qualification screening to establish an eligible list, and only
test (written M/C or driving demonstration exam) about 10% as a rough
guess. We get approx 50,000 applicants per year. Thanks.

Keith Poole
Human Resources Supervisor
City of Phoenix Human Resources Dept
Employment Services
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keith.poole at phoenix.gov

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