[IPAC-List] IPAC-List Digest, Vol 3, Issue 23

Mitch Stein Mitch.Stein at tn.gov
Wed May 12 16:46:27 EDT 2010


>>But it does need a competent professional to manage the process.

So the good news is we'll all still have jobs!<<

Not where I am. With budget and staff cutbacks but increasing workloads and zillions of applications pouring in, the push here has been to constantly streamline what we do, make it faster, more efficient, but not necessarily better or more valid. In fact the push now is that any HR generalist can do examination development.

Oddly, we did anticipate the President by a year on one point. More than a year ago I had recommended that we start doing a banded or categorical rating system instead of a typical point based T&E rating system for some job classes, and I have already converted several job classes to a two-category method of scoring. This was not done because it was better or more valid, but out of simple survival because it is faster and takes less time.

Mitch Stein

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