[IPAC-List] How is reading material used in training fire recruits, nationwide?

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Here is the info I got from our Fire Department, in short I'd say, Yes,
reading is still a substantial portion of the academy.

"Historically, we have issued our recruit firefighter a primary text book
that is used in conjunction with other training materials (internal
manuals; handouts; study guides). It serves as a reference source for
concepts that are common throughout our industry. A significant emphasis
is placed on our own materials; as you can probably imagine, most
departments have operational procedures and equipment that require a more
narrow focus, one that in some cases, contradicts what is found in general
text books. We do use those texts within the didactic portion of a 12
week training course and students are tested on a broad range of topics.
The State of Arizona, previously through the State Fire Marshal's Office
(SFMO) managed a certification program that was accredited through the
International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC). Our recruits
were required to pass the Firefighter I and II exams; the text book we
used was one of three text books used as a source for these two exams.

Finally, a majority of our 12 week class consists of hands-on
skills. After covering the material in the classroom, the recruits move
to an outside setting where various skills or evolutions are first
demonstrated. This is mainly hoselays, ladders, search & rescue,
extrication, and use of self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA). The
recruits then are required to successfully perform the same tasks. Towards
the end of the program, they will have to successfully complete final
exams that cover written material (as described above) and those same
skill competencies."

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[IPAC-List] How is reading material used in training fire recruits,

Many years ago I visited a large Fire Department Training Academy and
was told that they, basically, had dispensed with written training
materials, relying instead on oral and hands-on presentations of the
information and related hands-on practice.

Can any one tell me if this is the case nowadays in any large Fire

On the other hand, are there large FDs that require fire recruits to
learn material from a written text without associated lecture and
hands-on presentations and practice?



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