[IPAC-List] Interview Question Construction

josh cowan joshthewriter at gmail.com
Wed Jun 30 12:03:59 EDT 2010

Hi All,

Can anyone point me to good research on interview question
construction. I'm putting together an item bank of interview and
reference questions but having trouble locating good research
material discussing the recommended parameters for; question length,
# of questions/interview, anchor construction... I'll be utilizing
both situational and behavioral questions so I'm less interested in
the whole SI vs. PBI debate and I'll be using SME's for incident
identification. I'm really focused on the basics of question
construction. I'm sure these kinds of issues must be addressed
somewhere but after spending an 1.5 hours on Google Scholar I could
only find tangentially related articles, nothing exactly on point.
Any assistance would be appreciated.


Josh Cowan

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