[IPAC-List] Environmental scan - staffing surveys

Mark Hammer Mark.Hammer at psc-cfp.gc.ca
Fri Jul 9 10:01:32 EDT 2010

As has become readily apparent in my various postings, I work on surveys for the Canadian federal government, to monitor the state of the merit system and staffing across the whole (well, 80%, given the legislation) of government.

We are reaching a junction where we would like to have something approximating a "final" survey for long-term monitoring purposes, and perhaps a revised strategy for its utilization. We may well end up not changing a thing, but we're arriving at a potential inflection point, and would like to feel comfortable about where we head from there.

In service of this, I have been asked to find out a little more about what others are doing "out there" in other jurisdictions, be they federal, state/province, municipal/county, or public sector organizations (e.g., an education or hospital system, state patrol, etc.).

So, if your organization happens to use, or has previously used, an employee survey (manager or applicant or HR, or any combination) to keep tabs on how people are being hired into and within the organization (which can include simple logging of common practices, OR attitudes), I'd like to touch base with you and chat a bit. Maybe we can do each other some good. Feel free to forward this note on to the relevant folks.

Many thanks in advance, and have a great weekend with MUCH less of the assorted weather/natural trauma your region has been enduring, be it wet, hot, windy, or greasy.

Mark Hammer, Ph.D.
Principal Analyst - Surveys Division,
Data Services and Analysis Directorate,
Audit, Evaluations and Studies Branch,
Public Service Commission of Canada,
300 Laurier Ave., West,
Ottawa, K1A 0M7, Canada

(1613) 992-1946

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