[IPAC-List] History of training and experience reviews

Michael McDaniel (WSF) McDaniel at WorkSkillsFirst.com
Sun Oct 17 12:30:54 EDT 2010

I am seeking a decades old report that discusses, in part, the history of
training and experience (T&E) reviews. I believe that it described the
increased use of T&E reviews in the Federal government. It argued that as
the government grew larger, patronage hiring as the sole screening tool for
Federal jobs became impractical. T&Es thus gained in popularity as an
efficient tool to screen many applications for many jobs.

I believe that the document was a technical report and was authored by
someone in the State of PA personnel office, but I may be wrong. I thought
it might be the Robert Schneider (1994) IPMAAC monograpgh but I found that
report on the IPAC web site and it does not have a history.


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