[IPAC-List] Research on test preparation

Fred Rafilson fred at iosolutions.org
Wed Dec 1 13:14:58 EST 2010

Hi Folks,

There appears to be some debate (imagine that) regarding the outcome of
exam/test preparation sessions/programs, etc. One side feels that these
sessions can help to reduce adverse impact by providing basic
test-taking information and reducing test anxiety for those who may not
have had as many opportunities to sit for exams/tests, thereby reducing
some of the measurement error and increasing observed scores. Thus the
gap between inexperienced test takers (mostly minority candidates) and
more experienced candidates is narrowed.

The other side feels that prep sessions actually increases the gap
because the group that will benefit most is the group that would
typically score higher on average, thus widening the gap and
corresponding adverse impact.

I think that's the argument anyway? Do any of you know of or have
research that addresses this topic?


Fred M. Rafilson, Ph.D.

I/O Solutions, Inc.

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