[IPAC-List] learning objectives

Morris, Ramona (JUS) Ramona.Morris at ontario.ca
Thu Jan 6 14:03:26 EST 2011


I have been re-writing course training standards (CTSs) in my
organization and have tried to streamline them somewhat; I'd be
delighted to hear your opinions on what I've been doing.

The old CTSs used phrasing similar to the following

"Given lecture, demonstration and practice, at the end
of the session the learner will be able to...verb"

There were also separate statements about "teaching
points"; "learning objectives" (which were fairly redundant)

I have collapsed learning objectives and assessment standards into one

"The learner will verb... to the extent that ... in
compliance with (or as assessed by)... "

In the interest of "learner centred statement, I want to know exactly
what the student will do to meet standard...

Am I losing/missing something by dropping "be able to"?

Ramona Morris
Research and Evaluation Unit
Ontario Police College

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