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Keith -

I suggest you reach out to the folks at Washington State, City of Columbus OH, Denver CO, and The Personnel Board of Jefferson County AL. Each have implemented various forms of computerized/online application and testing processes. Washington State was an early adopter. Columbus has done some excellent research over the years. Denver is a comparable city in terms of scope/size and a more gradual adopter, and Jefferson County can speak to implementing is a highly scrutinized environment.

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One item on our division to-do list this year is to "develop recommendations regarding the use of computer assisted testing." Basically we understand this to mean any technology as an alternative to using paper and pencils when conducting multiple choice tests (e.g., anything from off-the-shelf software loaded onto individual PCs or network running in-house developed tests, to using online tests from vendors, proctored or unproctored, etc.).

I have seen the slides from last years IPAC conference (CPS did a couple on this topic) and those were helpful, I've also signed up for their webinar next week. We're also familiar with National Testing Network.

I would appreciate hearing from agencies that have researched or adopted computer assisted testing in one form or another. Thanks.

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