[IPAC-List] Request for info: Online employee compliance training

Bill Waldron bill at waldronconsulting.com
Tue Feb 22 13:00:26 EST 2011

Hi all,

A client of mine asked me for information on any recommended vendors
that can help address a training need; specifically:

"I’m looking for an online training program for employee compliance.
Specifically concerning harassment (not necessarily sexual – more
bullying). I need to find a vendor that can provide an online
solution for all employees on payroll. We are spread-out across the
state and a one-time onsite classroom presentation is not an option."

This is a non-profit organization of a thousand employees or so, here
in Florida.

Since this is outside of my area of expertise, I told her that I'd ask
my network of incredibly knowledgeable HR professionals.

Any recommendations?

Thanks in advance,


William J. Waldron, Ph.D.
Waldron Consulting Group, LLC
4111 Canoga Park Dr.
Brandon, FL 33511-7986
(813) 413-1682

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