[IPAC-List] Commentaries sought on a paper critiquing the Uniform Guidelines

Michael McDaniel (WSF) McDaniel at WorkSkillsFirst.com
Tue Mar 22 20:41:32 EDT 2011


SIOP’s journal is called “Industrial and Organizational Psychology:
Perspectives on Science and Practice.” Each issue of the journal contains
two focal articles. Each focal article is critiqued or commented upon with
several short commentaries. With my co-authors, I was asked to write a
focal article addressing problems associated with the Uniform Guidelines.
Part of my job as a focal article author is to encourage commentaries to be
written on the article. In about a week, SIOP will issue a formal call for
commentaries on the article. For those who are not members of SIOP, I will
reproduce the call for commentaries on this IPAC listserv.

Please consider writing a commentary on the article: “The Uniform Guidelines
are a detriment to the field of personnel selection.” You can obtain a copy
of the article now at:


You have my permission to further distribute this article to parties who
might want to write a commentary. I am sorry about the long URL. If you have
problems with the link, let me know and I will send you a copy.

My co-authors and I are not reviewers of the commentaries. Once the accepted
commentaries are finalized, we write a second paper discussing our reactions
to the commentaries.

Thank you for considering this request to write a commentary

Best wishes,

Mike McDaniel

Michael A. McDaniel, Ph.D.
Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University (mamcdani at vcu.edu)
President, Work Skills First, Inc.(McDaniel at workskillsfirst.com)

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