[IPAC-List] ADAAA Regs

Mon Apr 11 19:14:22 EDT 2011

With respect to testing issues, the word here is that there's a new rule for "uncorrected vision" qualification standards. For other types of testing or qualification standards, even if the ADAAA did not make a change, the "regarded as" prong greatly expands who could bring a claim under 1630.10 or any other provision.

The contact for at EEOC for ADAAA advice is Jeanne Goldberg, Office of Legal Counsel. Reach her by phone at (202) 663-4693 or on e-mail at jeanne.goldberg at eeoc.gov.

Office of Legal Counsel provides enforcement advice both internally and externally for EEOC. Jeanne specializes in ADAAA matters and she told me that I could give out her name and number to the testing professional associations.


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