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Hi Ramona,

I'm not sure from your email whether you are just collecting existing
data or if you are interested in conducting your own research, but
either way, here is another tool for you to consider:


We are always open to research with our assessments, so please let me
know if that is something you would like to pursue.

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Three questions:

1. Are there norms for police telecommunications personnel
(call-takers/dispatchers) on any of the big personality tests (neo-pi-r,
16 factor etc.)

2. Are there any evaluations of their use in improving selection
practices (e.g. increased effectiveness /efficiency)

3. Are any police services using these sorts of selection tools.

(I believe that some services are using the MMPI for comm. staff, but
this screens for major malfunctions, (axis 1 and 2 maybe) as I
understand it...which I freely admit is a very thin level of

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