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Wilkening, Kurt WilkeningK at HillsboroughCounty.ORG
Tue Nov 15 08:40:52 EST 2011

I'd like to piggy-back off of this request and ask the organizations that do computer administered proctored testing to give those of us who are seriously looking into it a brief summary of **how** you do it.

Ideally, I'd like to implement a smart system that requires little interaction from our proctor other than verifying identity of applicant, instructing the applicant to have a seat at any open terminal, then the applicant logs into the system which then knows what test(s) to administer (keyboard, SJT, M/C) to that candidate. Is there such a system out there?


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The City of Columbus is looking to upgrade/replace our existing in-house testing software used mainly for our clerical classes and other pc-user classifications. We would appreciate hearing from anyone with recent experience with testing applications that can be administered and scored in-house.

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