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Kurt, et al:

Although I'm the one who posted the initial request (we are looking to either upgrade with the same vendor or move to a different vendor, thus the reason for my post - just looking at options), we currently do computer testing , and our process mirrors what you describe you want to do.

We have 25 PCs in our Test Center (hope to increase to 40 soon! :-). We open the testing software on each PC, load the test(s) that will be administered (can load multiple exams, software automatically goes to the next test when previous test is completed), check-in candidates, sit them at the computers, provide written instructions, give oral instructions, and have the candidates log in and start. The computer takes over - offers a short tutorial, general instructions, shows time remaining on the screen (we preset time limits), and advises candidate to "see test administrator" when they finish the test session.

The software is loaded on our servers, so testing is done over a closed City network. The software is pre-loaded with a wide variety of job simulation type questions on Microsoft Office, Lotus, Call Center Scenarios, typing/data entry, filing, letter formatting, etc.; pre-loaded math, grammar, spelling, etc.; but also allows us to add multiple-choice items to the program and load them into the exam(s). There are some pre-loaded standard tests, but we can (and do!) also create customized tests. Pre-loaded items are delineated by level - beginning, intermediate, advanced.

The software program is SkillCheck from First Advantage. We use it for our clerical, customer service classes, computer skills (helpdesk and desktop jobs) and many jobs that require some computer skills (the list of these is growing every year, from plant maintenance, auto mechanic, to general supervisor/manager jobs!).

We also use a product called CritiCall from Biddle and Associates for our 911 emergency operators. CritiCall is a very robust package that does a wonderful job of simulating the activities of the emergency dispatcher while measuring data entry skills, prioritizing, multi-tasking ability, etc. We use the same process - check in/seating/log in - with CritiCall.

Don White
Personnel Analyst Supervisor
Civil Service Commission
Columbus, Ohio

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I'd like to piggy-back off of this request and ask the organizations that do computer administered proctored testing to give those of us who are seriously looking into it a brief summary of **how** you do it.

Ideally, I'd like to implement a smart system that requires little interaction from our proctor other than verifying identity of applicant, instructing the applicant to have a seat at any open terminal, then the applicant logs into the system which then knows what test(s) to administer (keyboard, SJT, M/C) to that candidate. Is there such a system out there?


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The City of Columbus is looking to upgrade/replace our existing in-house testing software used mainly for our clerical classes and other pc-user classifications. We would appreciate hearing from anyone with recent experience with testing applications that can be administered and scored in-house.

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