[IPAC-List] IPAC Conference Call for Proposals - Let's do this, people!

Jeff Feuquay jfeuquay at ipaconline.org
Fri Dec 16 17:41:32 EST 2011

The Call for Proposals is posted on the IPAC site - http://www.ipacweb.org/.
Please take a look, get excited and get busy. No promises, but we are
working on HRCI certification for the conference, and APA & HRCI
certification for the pre-conference workshops.

2012 is shaping up to be another exciting year in building IPAC into a
strong, independent organization. We are still feeling our way, but you can
expect a number of enhancements in our communication with members - an
opportunity to provide input at Board meetings, rapid access to Board
minutes, and on-going updates on our budget, income and expenses are but a

Our strength comes from informed, active and involved members. The Board
will work on the first; we ask you to work on the second and third. Please
contact me directly or contact any other Board member with your ideas on
how IPAC can better support your professional growth. Thank you.
Dr. Jeffrey P Feuquay, I/O Psychologist & Attorney
IPAC President-elect

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