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Jeff Feuquay jfeuquay at gmail.com
Mon Feb 13 14:18:08 EST 2012

It seems I tried to include too much in my earlier email and the listserv
posting criteria killed it. So, tomorrow's IPAC Board agenda is below.
Sorry for the short notice, but call or email me with any questions or

The IPAC Board will be considering potential Bemis Award nominees at our
March meeting. Please examine the criteria established by the Bemis Award
Committee and let me or another Board member know if there is an individual
who you believe exemplifies those criteria and should be considered. Please
detail how the person fits the criteria .

Finally, thanks to the ongoing efforts of Bill Waldron, the 2012 Board and
Committee Chairs are now posted on our website. There are a couple of
highly fulfilling slots open . . . so, talk to me.

I wish you and yours the best.
Dr. Jeffrey P Feuquay, I/O Psychologist & Attorney
Special Counsel to Russell, Brown & Breckenridge, LLC and
Director, Psychology-Law Center, LLC
108 W. Walnut, PO Box 376, Nevada, MO 64772
ofc: 417.667.5076 fax: 417.667.3013

International Personnel Assessment Council


*Board of Directors *

*February 14, 2012 1:00pm CST*

[image: *] Call for Additions to Agenda

*Updates / Old Business*


[image: *] Minutes of January Meeting - previously approved

[image: *] Finances (Reid)**

o Current**

o State of Nevada non-profit status – appears to be a “no go” based on
case law**

[image: *] Conference (Shelley)**

[image: *] HRCI Accreditation (Lee)**

*New Business*

[image: *] Innovations in Assessment Award (Warren)**

[image: *] Support of the Applied HRM Research journal (Julia)**

o Shall IPAC contribute to the publication of the university supported

[image: *] Bemis Nominations – please review criteria (Jeff)**

o We need nominations to the Board before March 13 meeting.

o IPAC nomination must be to Bemis Board by April 27, 2012

o Need volunteer to write up IPAC nomination for submission to Bemis Board

[image: *] Marketing/Branding Proposal (Jeff)**

[image: *] ACN (Jeff)**

o Editor: Dr. John Ford**

o ACN / ECN Integration**

[image: *] Locations for 2013, 2014 & 2015 Conferences (general


[image: *] Next Board Meeting – March 13. Non-emergency topics to Jeff
by March 6, please.

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