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Hi, Steven,

You seem to have hit a nerve - more dicsussion than we've seen for awhile
on the ipac-list.

A few years ago, CPS sponsored a project where a large group of Fire
Chiefs, Fire HR, etc, from large and small jusidictions provided info
related to fire service leadership and selection. The survey results were
then verified by a group of 30 or so Chiefs at the Fire Rescue
International (IAFC) conference in Dallas. The report is attached. Don't
expect a lot of depth; it was written as a discussion piece to guide
selection folk and fire service leaders to concensus on what to look for,
and to lead to a competency-based approach. The study also ended up as an
article in Fire Rescue magazine - copy attached.

Hope it provides ideas.
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On Wed, Oct 24, 2012 at 6:26 PM, Partain, Steven C. <Steven.Partain at tvfr.com

> wrote:

> Folks, I am facing a bit of a crisis of understanding related to

> measurement in promotional exams. Every-so-often we have a promotional

> exam in which the names and ranking of eligibles on the list don't match

> what our folks know about those candidates. We've had several recently

> with the "best" people failing the exams. As you might imagine, HR is to

> blame, and we are under great pressure to change our approach to exams to

> ensure the "best" people pass and are appropriately ranked. I won't go

> through all the practices we use to ensure validity, reliability,

> standardization, etc. We certainly are always looking at those factors and

> have room to improve. But the underlying message is to make our exams

> "more successful," which means that the resulting eligible list matches the

> perceptions of our workforce about their true ability.


> So, here's my question. I feel pretty well-versed in the folly of

> holistic assessments, the relatively low validity of others "sizing up"

> candidates intuitively, etc. I have attempted-and obviously failed-to

> convey some of the science underlying this. How have others successfully

> overcome this challenge? Are there metaphors that have worked? A written

> piece published that captures the issue in laymen's terms?


> Any help is appreciated. Otherwise, I fear we will head down the road of

> having the workforce rank candidates-kind of a popularity contest.


> Thanks,


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