[IPAC-List] Return to Work Testing

Marcodesp at aol.com Marcodesp at aol.com
Fri Dec 7 15:42:33 EST 2012

Gene Carmean at Med-Tox has worked on job analysis related to physical
ability testing. See the link below.

_http://www.med-tox.com/test.html_ (http://www.med-tox.com/test.html)

Marianne Tonjes
Executive Director

In a message dated 12/7/2012 12:21:11 P.M. Pacific Standard Time,
dennisdoverspike at gmail.com writes:

Anyone out there knowledgeable in return to work testing - especially for
physical issues?

Are there standards or guidelines similar to the Uniform Guidelines for
initial employment? Are there validation standards for tests?

Dennis Doverspike
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