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Dennis Doverspike dennisdoverspike at gmail.com
Mon May 27 14:34:54 EDT 2013

I asked this question back in February and thought I would summarize the
responses. As often happens, a number of responses took up a side topic,
but a very important one, as to whether employers should look at Facebook
for selection at all. The position taken by a number of responders was that
Facebook should not be used for selection.

My original question though dealt more with whether as an individual, and
not necessarily from an official HR point of view, you tend to trust people
less if they have no information on Facebook or LinkeIN, or have basically
taken themselves off the grid. I would have to summarize the responses by
saying no one really agreed that they did. However, I will note that since
that time I have talked to a number of individuals with hiring
responsibilities who have told me that they do look for information online
on individuals and if they cannot find anything they do tend to take it as
a negative. at least in the sense that if they cannot find any information,
they tend to simply move on to other candidates.


Facebook Trust Question? It would appear that a number of individuals who
are looking for jobs or applying to graduate school are deleting their
facebook profile. For example, I have a facebook jobs page, but a number of
students recently have said - "I cannot join because I do not have a
Facebook page." I am going to assume they did but have deleted it as they
apply for jobs. So my question - do you trust a person less or have
questions about them if they do not have a facebook page or it looks like
they have cleaned up their internet history?
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