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Using PDI's Employment inventory (EI) which measures conscientious work behaviors, I have conducted validity studies for bus drivers (using criteria such as chargeable/non-chargeable accidents, workers' comp claims, absenteeism, etc. with excellent results. A similar study for nursing assistants also produced high validities.
I have also used measures of conscientiousness ( a more accurate nomenclature than integrity tests) for a relatively wide group of public sector positions including laborers, public works employees, and fire fighters.

Labelling people as "failing an integrity test" is problematic. Given conscientiousness's status as a big 5 personality characteristic - I prefer "demonstrating higher levels of conscientiousness".

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Happy 2014 to all!

I am curious about the group's thoughts about a question that was recently posed by a colleague regarding the use of integrity tests in the public sector. Integrity tests are used fairly broadly in the private sector for individuals applying for "positions of trust." However, neither of us were aware of their usage in the public sector (setting aside the use of psychological assessments for the selection of public safety officers which uses a different set of assessments much broader in scope ). Anyone have any thoughts or anecdata? Thanks-


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