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Lance Seberhagen sebe at erols.com
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Why not report all three norms? Each one may provide useful information
for different purposes, and it would also be useful to know if there
were significant differences between norms.

In employment discrimination cases, EEOC and the courts normally count
every test score in the calculation of adverse impact. In other words,
if the same applicant takes the test 10 times, the applicant counts as
10 applicants, even though they are the same person. Calculations based
on all test scores could have the effect of magnifying adverse impact.
Therefore, it is often helpful for employers to calculate adverse impact
in at least two ways: (1) all-test-scores and (2) first-score-only to
provide a more clear picture of adverse impact.

Employers should also track how many times the same applicant takes a
given test to see if there could be a problem with over-exposure of the
test. Some employers permit unlimited retesting, and I have seen cases
in which the same applicant took the test 10 times or more, within a
relatively sort time period, before they finally passed the test.

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On 1/8/2014 12:49 PM, Patrick McCoy wrote:

> I am currently running off some normative data on a test (means and

> frequency distributions) to see how people are doing on it and to see

> what proportion pass at various cutoff scores.

> My question concerns how to handle the issue of candidates taking the

> same test more than once. One option would be to use only the first

> test score. Another would be to use all scores. A third option would

> be to use only the most recent score.

> My tendency would be to use the most recent score or all scores, and I

> suspect that the results from these two approaches will be quite

> similar in most instances. Does that make sense or am I missing

> something?

> Your thinking on this would be appreciated!

> Pat McCoy

> Ottawa Canada


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