[IPAC-List] Session for IPAC? Communication of confidential materials over distances

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It is of great interest to me and my organization. I probably won't be able to make it to the conference, but I would love to see the presentation. Which raises a similar issue, some members (like me) find it very difficult to get to the conferences. Some presenters put a skeleton of an outline in their PowerPoint slides and provide nearly all the information orally. Any chance we can ask presenters to provide as much information in the slides as possible. And since that may violate some presentation guidelines, e.g., don't overwhelm your slides with text, any chance we could ask them to prepare full slides that they could then trim down for the in-person presentation?

It may be asking a lot, but as we move forward with fewer resources and greater demand to do more with less (or less less with less?) it seems that it would be beneficial to IPAC if we could find ways to share more information with the members who can't attend the conferences.

If I am in a slim majority, then I understand there may be little benefit for this change. But if others are in my situation, or if IPAC could attract people who don't see much point in joining if they can't make it to the conferences, this might be beneficial to IPAC.

Which also reminds me, has the reminder to renew gone out? (I apologize for diverting the discussion.)



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A lot of us in the assessment field work on test development projects with developers and/or reviewers who are off-site. Sometimes off-site is someone working at home, but in the same city. Sometimes off-site is on the other side of the country or on another continent. I'm interested in learning about methods people have used to communicate test confidential information with people in remote locations while ensuring the confidential nature of the materials. I'm interested in learning about as many of the options as possible and the pros and cons of each (including costs, level of security, ease of use).

Some of the methods we've used or discussed include:

· Secure websites

· Password protected and/or encrypted documents sent via email

· Shipping hard copies

· Fax

· Phone calls

· WebEx or other similar

· Personal delivery to location

Here are my questions:

1) Is this a topic of interest to others?

2) Is there anyone out there who would be willing to conduct or help with a session on this topic?

Thanks, Liz

Elizabeth A. Reed
Public Safety Assessment Team Manager
Columbus Civil Service Commission

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