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On our application the question reads: " Are you legally authorized to
work in the United States? Yes / No". Our current policy if an applicant
asks is that we don't currently sponsor candidates needing visas. The
only job where we require US citizenship is Police Recruit because our
state peace officer standards requires it. In the past we have sponsored
some foreign nationals / H1B visas, basically allowing them to legally
work in the US even though they weren't citizens. But, we haven't done
this since around 2008. All the ones we did sponsor at the time we let
lapse and didn't re-sponsor. It may be a while before we look into
sponsoring again. We have hired a few in recent years who have, I forget
the exact term, permanent work visa? where they are not citizens but do
not need ongoing sponsorship. So they could answer Yes and potentially
get hired.

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Would you please share with me the language you use on your employment
application and in your rules regarding citizenship as to who can apply
for jobs and who can be hired.


Adele De Mooy
Employment Manager
Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago
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