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Thanks Rene. I too am waiting for some other feedback as to how this might be addressed.


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Seems like an expensive approach, but I don't see any obvious alternatives that would provide consistency and reliability. For one, it seems you have the problem of different group composition creating unequal test administration conditions. If you try to address this by having people take turns performing in specific roles, you have an issue of timing and the opportunity to learn from the other candidates. For example, if you had a structure in which there were several roles and had the candidates rotate through them, the last candidate to perform a role would have watched the other three's performance and possibly have changed his/her performance substantially as a result.

Maybe if they were working in pairs, some of that could be controlled for. But you might need three turns for the exercise, so both candidates would have a turn in which they were able to observe the other perform in the role.

But ultimately, don't you have the problem that different groupings create different tests? A person might shine when in a group of introverts but sit back when in a group with one or more extroverts. If some candidates are cooperative and others are competitive, how they are distributed across the groups could play a large role in candidate performance.

It will be interesting to see what other folks come up with.


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You could change the exercise to have 1 candidate and 3 actors who each play an assigned role.
Lance S.

On 9/7/2015 3:25 PM, Jim Kuthy wrote:
We have a client who has been using a "teamwork" assessment center exercise that has four job candidates participate in a "Work Demonstration Exercise" at a time. However, we note that the responses that a candidate gives during such exercises are often dependent on how the other team members react. Does anyone have any suggestions on how one can effectively measure teamwork and communication skills while minimizing the influence of the other participants during the exercises?

Thanks in advance,

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