[IPAC-List] Scantron machine alternatives

Oscar Spurlin oscar at ergometrics.org
Tue Oct 20 20:41:33 EDT 2015


For 15 years or more we have been using software called Teleform now owned
by Cardiff software.  As you know we do a very high volume of test scoring.
It has the advantage of not requiring specialized printing and forms can be
easily designed.  Answer sheets can even be faxed or emailed in.  Any high
volume scanner can work with the software.  It used to be pretty inexpensive
to license and we still use an older version, but not sure what costs are
now.  However the design, scanning and verification processes with this
software work well.





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We are looking at replacing our Scantron machine, which we need for some of
our larger tests where it's not feasible to do computerized or unproctored
testing.  It looks like Scantron is a sole source item, although I'm aware
of InspiroScan and curious if anyone has used that software.  Any
suggestions welcome, thanks. 


Keith Poole

HR Supervisor

City of Phoenix HR Dept


keith.poole at phoenix.gov <mailto:keith.poole at phoenix.gov> 


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