[IPAC-List] Need a Written instrument for promotions

Harry Brull (OCE) Harry.Brull at KornFerry.com
Wed Oct 28 13:06:06 EDT 2015

I have a client (County) who wants a written, scorable tool for promotion from Detention Deputy to corporal. This is the first step in a leadership/supervision sequence within the County jail.

Can anyone direct me to a test/vendor ASAP. client, as usual, wants it yesterday.

Thanks in advance,
Harry Brull
BCG Consulting Group

harry at bcgconsultinggroup
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Subject: [IPAC-List] costs for law enforcement psychological screening  services

Good morning, IPACers
Can anyone tell me what is a reasonable cost (per candidate) to pay for contracted psychological screening for law enforcement personnel?  Is the cost usually a flat per person rate, or does it depend upon whether there is a second interview?
Karen Coffee

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