[IPAC-List] Name Generator Program

Wed Mar 16 12:01:10 EDT 2016

Just to expand a little on Liz's remarks . . .

The Social Security Administration has first-name lists by gender. 
Census Bureau has surname lists by race/ethnic.  These lists, at least
in theory, would allow for some control over the gender and race/ethnic
composition of the sample since there is some indication of probability
that the name goes into a specific demographic group.    Sampling from
these likely would not be complicated.  But I don't know about lists
that give probabilities for gender/race/ethnic membership based on full
name.  Possibly that could come from Census, but it might require having
to construct a pool for sampling.


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I’ve been using a random name searches found through a website search
“random name search.”  They are free quick and useful tools. 
Here’s a couple that I’ve used: 
Elizabeth A. Reed
Public Safety Assessment Team Manager
Columbus Civil Service Commission
Direct: 614.645.6032
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Does anyone have, know of, know where I can get -


A program that generates diverse names at random. The use would be for
identifying names to insert into multiple-choice items so as to increase
racial, ethnic, and geographical diversity.


Dennis Doverspike 

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