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Reindl, Kevin K1RQ at pge.com
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Hi all,

I will assume this is a gray area, and depends on the circumstances, but wanted to see if anyone has thoughts on this issue:

When accommodating an applicant on a test, it is often the case that the accommodation takes more time and extends the hiring process (e.g., it takes time to convert test to braille or to schedule a sign language interpreter, etc.). We generally take the approach to stop the process until all qualified candidates are tested. However, we sometimes get pressure from recruiting/hiring managers when there are critical jobs that are vacant and there is a need to "find someone now" or when there is a firm starting date for a large training class that will begin on a certain date.

Can anyone share your approach to "how long is long enough" for a hiring department to wait in order for a candidate to be accommodated? Do you generally stop the process until the candidate is tested, or is there a point at which the hiring department can move forward?

Any thoughts or regulatory/legal resources on this is much appreciated.

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