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Tue May 31 18:53:39 EDT 2016

And in keeping with Winfred's comments, the format of each can provide one
with different sorts of measurement of the construct in question; speed
tests being prone to multiple-choice and power more amenable to

Insomuch as speed tests are often a product of convenience contingencies
(e.g., automated scoring), I would think the real question is whether
power tests increment to validity over speed tests.  After all, if there
were a reasonably large number of testees to process, one would opt for a
speed test first since it is less labor-intensive as far as scoring. And
once you have those scores, does an additional power test of some kind
tell you more?

Mark Hammer

> Joel, i think it would have to be a function of the construct assessed,
> right?  so, if by "To what extent do speed and power tests measure the
> same constructs?" you mean the _*same test*_ administered under speeded
> and power conditions, then the answer would have to be "no" b/c
> additional variance, maybe construct-relevant or construct-irrelevant
> has been introduced into the test scores.  consequently, one would
> expect the convergence b/n the two sets of scores to be low
> and "Do speed tests add validity over power tests?" => again, it will
> seem the answer would depend on the constructs assessed by the two
> tests.  thus, for example, tests of processing speed and reaction time,
> are by definition speeded tests; whereas for example tests of fluid
> intelligence (e.g., the Ravens) and declarative knowledge are typically
> better conceptualized as being closer to the power end of the continuum.
> hope this helpful?
> - winfred
> On 5/31/2016 12:34 PM, Joel Wiesen wrote:
>> What is the current thinking on these questions?
>> To what extent do speed and power tests measure the same constructs?
>> Do speed tests add validity over power tests?
>> Thx
>> Joel
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