[IPAC-List] Testing product for paramedics

Partain, Steven C. Steven.Partain at tvfr.com
Mon Oct 10 18:37:38 EDT 2016

My agency is in the process of creating a new job class-Paramedic-with primary responsibilities for staffing medic units that respond to EMS calls.

We are exploring the use of an online test instrument that would focus on non-technical competencies/skills, such as customer focus, compassion, interpersonal savvy, and composure/resiliency (to name a few).  We use Ergometrics' FireTEAM human relations test for our Firefighter applicants, but I don't believe the validity would be strong for this new position.

I would appreciate any recommended off-the-shelf products for us to consider.


Steven Partain | HR Manager
Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue
Direct: 503-259-1292

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