[IPAC-List] definition of job title?

Lance Seberhagen sebe at erols.com
Mon Oct 2 10:16:29 EDT 2017

"Job/job classification" is defined in the Glossary of the */_Standards 
for Educational and Psychological Testing_/* (AERA/APA/NCME, 2014).As 
someone who works in both testing and position classification, I have 
tried for years to get SIOP to define "position" and "job/job 
classification" in the Glossary of the SIOP /*_Principles_*/, but SIOP 
refuses to do it for some reason.

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On 10/2/2017 9:53 AM, Joel Wiesen wrote:
> Seeking authoritative definition of job title (or job classification)
> Thanks
> Joel

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