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Years ago we did a Sergeant promotional process for the City of Milwaukee. It was a Federal
Consent decree situation under DOJ auspices. To set the minimum year time-in-grade requirement, we computed the average performance review across years of service. It rose and then levelled off at year three. That’s the min qual we used to test for Sergeant. The logic was that you needed to master the police officer job before you could supervise it.
Interestingly, it also began to decline around year 15 (I call it “retired on the jo”).
This is not likely a procedure that can be replicated except in large organizations with a large number of incumbents for promotional positions, however.

I also need to add that I think min quals, and experience in general, is vastly over-rated. Capability/competence/whatever you want to call it is certainly related to experience, but not the same thing. If it were, assessment wouldn’t be necessary. I tend to err on the liberal side of letting people compete sand then measuring capability as rigorously as the particular situation will allow.

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In terms of published literature, the two classic articles are the Roth et al. (2005) Personnel Psychology article and then the Levine et al. (1997) Personnel Psychology article. You may even have been at Akron at the time, but Barrett and Associates developed a pretty extensive procedure for developing minimum qualifications for the State of Ohio, not sure if anything was ever published. I also think a good source is George Alliger's work on Mission Critical Essential Competencies for the military.


On Mon, Nov 20, 2017 at 8:40 AM, Robinson, Nancy <Nancy.Robinson at mwaa.com<mailto:Nancy.Robinson at mwaa.com>> wrote:
Does anyone have a logical or empirical way of determining the years of experience requirements when hiring for jobs?

We have gotten frequent complaints from our department managers that we require too many years of experience for our various jobs and they have trouble finding someone with that level of experience (or if they do find someone, they are looking for a higher salary).

I believe at one time we had a rubric for determining the experience criteria (based on required education level and, of course, complexity of job), but nothing definite and nothing I feel confident in.

So before I start changing the requirements willy-nilly, I’d like to see what others are doing.

Thanks in advance!

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