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 From the Wall Street Journal 3/8/2018

The Truth About the SAT and ACT

By Kuncel, N. & Sackett, P.

"Myths abound about standardized tests, but the research is clear: They 
provide an invaluable measure of how students are likely to perform in 
college and beyond.

This Saturday, hundreds of thousands of U.S. high-school students will 
sit down to take the SAT, anxious about their performance and how it 
will affect their college prospects. And in a few weeks, their older 
peers, who took the test last year, will start hearing back from the 
colleges they applied to. Admitted, rejected, waitlisted? It often 
hinges, in no small measure, on those few hours spent taking the SAT or 
the ACT, the other widely used standardized test."

The essay goes on to address several "Myths":

Myth: Tests Only Predict First-Year Grades

Myth: Tests Are Not Related to Success in the Real World

Myth: Beyond a Certain Point, Higher Scores Don’t Matter

Myth: Common Alternatives to Tests Are More Useful

Myth: Tests Are Just Measures of Social Class

Myth: Test Prep and Coaching Produce Large Score Gains

Myth: Tests Prevent Diversity in Admissions

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