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Reed, Elizabeth EReed1 at Columbus.gov
Mon Mar 19 13:23:33 EDT 2018

Hello IPACers,

We are trying to find an item banking system that will:

1)      Store items that we draft;
2)      Store information about each item such as: item categories (arithmetic, reading comprehension, etc.),  source document information, item writer, SME review information, previous statistics (difficulty, reliability), date written, narrative notes;
3)      Pool or filter items based on selected criteria of the information stored about the item;
4)      Handle item clusters-that is a header/prompt with multiple questions that goes with the header/prompt;
5)      Sort selected items, move items into a test document, the test document can be edited to include additional instructions;
6)      Create a scoring key based on the items selected for a test;
7)      Can separately print/export selected stored information about the items selected for the test;
8)      Can score the exam, or at a minimum, allow for uploads of the data (difficulty/reliability) from scored exams.

If you are aware of any systems out there that are available please let me know.

Thank YOU!

Liz Reed

Elizabeth A. Reed
Public Safety Assessment Team Manager

Direct: 614.645.6032

[COC_Civil%20Service_RGBsmall for email]

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