[IPAC-List] Human Performance Special Issue call for papers: Psychometric Development and Evaluation of Measures in the Organizational Sciences

Winfred Arthur, Jr. w-arthur at tamu.edu
Sat Jan 19 22:02:22 EST 2019

Please see below and attached.

*/Human Performance/*

Call for Papers: *Psychometric Development and Evaluation of Measures in 
the Organizational Sciences**

*Submission Deadline:June 30^th , 2019*

"/Measuring things better advances everything that we do/" (Cecil 
Reynolds, April 2018)

In the organizational sciences, as in all of the sciences, the quality 
of our research is often dependent on the quality of the measures we 
use.  It really does not matter how good our sample is or how elegant 
our research design may be if we do not assess the key constructs with 
high quality measures that are supported by a wealth of validity 
evidence.  Given the central role that measurement plays in our science, 
it is rather odd that it is often difficult to publish research designed 
to evaluate the validity of a measure. That is, although we need to be 
able to evaluate the evidence in support of the validity of a measure, 
that evidence is often hard to find because such information is often 
difficult to publish in our best journals. This situation seems 
particularly problematic for measures of newly identified constructs.

It is in this context that we seek papers for a special issue of */Human 
Performance/* called *Psychometric Development and Evaluation of 
Measures in the Organizational Sciences*. In particular, we seek papers 
that present (a) the development of a new measure and evidence for its 
validity or (b) an evaluation of the validity of an existing measure for 
which the evidence of validity is insufficient or contradictory (for 
example, if there are controversies over the factor structure of the 
measure).  Successful papers will provide a rigorous and thorough 
examination of validity evidence for the measure under consideration.

*Submission and Review Process*

To submit a manuscript, the journal receives all manuscripts 
electronically via its ScholarOne Manuscript 
<https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/hhup>site.For more details on the 
submission process, please visit the journal's Instructions for Authors 
for more details.The submission deadline is *June 30^th , 2019*.If you 
have any questions, please contact hp-editor at uncc.edu 
<mailto:hp-editor at uncc.edu>.We envisage publishing the Special Issue in 
late 2019 or early 2020.Depending on the reception this issue receives 
and its subsequent success, the current plan is to publish one such 
issue each year.

David J. Woehr (dwoehr at uncc.edu)
Winfred Arthur, Jr. (w-arthur at tamu.edu)

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