[IPAC-List] Remote, supervised on-line testing?

Natasha K. Riley Natasha.Riley at omes.ok.gov
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We use ProctorU on a limited basis.  We make it an option for candidates on tests where scratch paper is not needed.  It hasn't been used a lot.  In three years, we have had 51 test administrations proctored by ProctorU.  It seems to be popular with candidates who live out-of-state because it is a lot cheaper than a plane ticket, and those already employed since it gives them the option of testing at night.

Questions for a vendor: 
What is the fee structure?  Who pays?
How do you verify the identity of the test taker? 
How do you ensure a secure environment? 
Do you give me access to the recorded video and screen shots? 
Is there a way for test takers to verify their equipment will work before making an appointment and paying the fee?  Is there any other technical support for candidates?
What kind of notification and reports are provided to me regarding scheduled and completed appointments?
How are complaints handled?
What is the response to cheating?

In our situation, the applicant pays ProctorU the fee when the appointment is made, but you can set it up so the organization pays the fee.  The fee varies depending on the time limit.  $25 gets the candidate up to two hours when they schedule two days in advance.  The candidate can choose to pay a higher fee for immediate testing if the organization allows that.    

We have had one case of cheating that I caught by reviewing the video of a test-taker, and the proctor had not stopped it.  The test was compromised since the candidate was writing down the questions.  That has been my only complaint.  

Happy to answer any other questions.

Natasha Riley
Human Capital Management Division
Office of Management and Enterprise Services
State of Oklahoma

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Has anyone had experience with any of the firms that offer remote but supervised (with cameras) on-line testing?

If so, any recommendations as to vendors to use or avoid, or things to consider in choosing a vendor?



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