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Winfred Arthur, Jr. w-arthur at tamu.edu
Tue Jun 2 03:21:57 EDT 2020

i am editing the /Human Performance/ inugural special issue on 
_measurement in the organizational sciences_ and there are two 
resilience-related papers the may be germane to this discussion:

1.  Cheng et al., "Understanding how resilience is measured in the 
organizational sciences


2.  Teng et al., "Capturing resilience in context: Development and 
validation of a situational judgment test of resilience"

hope this is helpful?


- winfred

On 6/1/2020 12:26 PM, mhammer at 295.ca wrote:
> Not a criticism, as such, but I think one ought to begin by asking
> "resiliency" or "tolerance" to what?  Are we talking about:
> - managing work/life balance?
> - handling overwork (or insufficient resources)?
> - managing conflict with management, peers, subordinates, or the public?
> - being in over your head in terms of domain expertise?
> - handling insults?
> - all of the above?
> - etc., etc.
> There's a lot one might conceivably need to be "resilient" about, and a
> lot of stressors one might need to be tolerant of, or successful in coping
> with, but maybe some are more endemic to the position than others.  It's a
> bit like use of personality tests for selection; more a question of what
> *kinds* of tests, or aspects of personality, than a matter of blanket
> validity.
> None of that is a criticism of the exercise or intent.  I just think that
> starting out with a brief inventory of what sorts of common stressors
> arise in the position, and consideration of the sorts of unsuccessful
> coping that would impair job performance, would lead to a more
> finely-tuned shopping list.  It may well turn out that what fits best is
> not a more general stress-tolerance test, but rather some particular
> personality trait (and associated index) that predicts weathering the
> trials and tribulations that come with that position more specifically.
> As always, relevance is correlated with predictive validity.
> Mark Hammer
> Ottawa
> P.S.: Hope one and all are safe and sound.
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